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If you would like to volunteer to do Net Control for the MST Weekly Net on Thursday Nights at 1930 hrs please sign up by logging into the Members Page
and follow the link there.
We really need more people to help fill out the rest of the year - Thank you.

Please review current announcements appearing below in this section. If there is an ongoing emergency or mobilization, current information and/or instructions will appear on this page.







Most Current MST Team Schedule:

(Last updated: 4-22-17 - periodically updated for new content and changes)

Next WWMST Training Meetings and Current Events

Spring SET Debrief and
WinLink practice & problem-solving

1st Quarter Board Meeting to follow

WHEN: Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 0900-1200

WHERE: Northwest Hospital & Medical Center
1550 N. 115th St. Seattle, WA 98133
Meeting Rooms E737 / E739 (details on flyer)
(Click on link for directional map to location)

We will review the April 29 Spring exercise and refine our WinLink skills.

Immediately following the regular meeting, we will hold the
1st Quarter Board Meeting

All members, prospective members or guests are invited to attend,
but only voting members will be allowed to vote should on any subject requiring a vote.

Talk-In 146.42 s
Coffee and refreshments will be available

For printable flyer and map of facility click on icon:

Note!: As of 3/25/2017, the Team Calendar located in the Left Side Menu of this page has been updated.
As we get information about upcoming events and training, we will update the calendar with those activities as soon as we know dates and times

We have added the Weekly Net announcements through June 30th, 2017 to it as well, reflecting who will act as Net Control Station for the week.

If you would like to take any dates marked "Open date!" please contact the Weekly Net Manager or Marina, N7LSL ASAP.

Also!: The Spring SET excercise is in the planning stages for Saturday April 29, 2017!
Save this date and let us know if you are able to deploy to ANY station.

Tactical Radio Communication: Process and Procedures

Carlos Smith, AA7SB

WHEN: Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 0900-1100

WHERE: Kaiser-Permanente Renton Campus - Southwest Building
2715 Naches Ave SW, Renton, WA
Meeting Rooms GSW 111 / 115 (details on flyer)
(Click on link for directional map to location)

Guest Speaker: Carlos Smith, AA7SB:
An overview of tactical and strategic best practices for intra- and interoperability.
This is an encore of an excellent presentation given in 2015. Highly recommended review of a core skill for all MST and PHRC members.

NOTE!: Sadly, Dave Nichols will NOT be available at this meeting to hand out new badges, so we will try again at the May meeting.

Talk-In 146.42 s

For printable flyer and map of facility click on icon:

Dear Team Members:

It is the ending of a very busy and eventful 2016, and the beginning of a new one. We would like to thank you for your participation in team activities, or, if you were not very active in 2016, invite you to become more involved in 2017. We plan on doing more interesting projects, as well as finishing up some from 2016.

As you may be aware, dues are voluntary, but the money provided by them supports our expanding repeater system, meeting expenses, liability insurance, Web page and list-servs, and other operational expenses. Paying dues enables you to vote in the annual election of officers and directors, and other operational business matters. The dues are fully tax-deductible, and really provide a much-needed support for the team.

The Annual Meeting of the Corporation will be Jan. 21, 2017, immediately following the regular training meeting. The election/re-election of two Directors, and the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer will take place. Any other business brought before the Board will be addressed. Only those team members who have paid dues by Jan. 21 will be eligible to vote.

To make a dues/donation either do so in person with Richard Green or James Zuetell, KC7KBS at any up coming meeting or use the PayPal link below and follow the prompts:
PayPal link: , Member Dues Statement:

Station Access Information Sheets

There are now 18 Station Access information sheets available in the Members Only/Documents section.
Thank you all for your contributions for these sheets!

If you can take some time to get information for ones that are still missing, it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Download a Station Access Blank form and a Station Evaluation form from the Members Only pages.

  • Contact Emergency Preparadeness Rep from the facility: Make sure it is OK to come and to take pictures.

  • Take a camera or camera phone, and take pictures of pathway to parking, entry, and radio areas.

  • Fill out Station Access form and Station Evaluation form.

  • Send forms to James, also e-mail if you have questions.

New Hospital Capacity Forms

There are newly updated Hospital Capacity Forms for all participating local hospitals in all 9 Districts listed in the Operational Documents in the Documents section of the Members Only page.

Please print these out when assigned to a hospital or facility for exercises and/or real events.

Thank you!



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